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The Three Tardises

Friday 22nd June 2012

Devious the movie features three Tardises.

The Doctor's own Tardis isn't seen until episode two - we see him land on a seemingly deserted beach in order to watch a secret funeral ceremony out at sea. His beach vantage point gives him a great view of the princess's glass galleon as it disolves into a myriad rainbow colours. This is one of the seven hundred wonders of the galaxy according to Phillip.

We also see his Tardis arrive in middle-ages Europe, possibly Scotland where he successfully delays the local warrior Brogar the Archer and her accolytes Orkzet and Uist from killing him whilst his new companions Amber Lyn and Phillip try to fly the Tardis.

The second Tardis has a similar interior and almost identical console except for the "go-faster stripes". This console room was doubtless cloned by Auriga from the Doctor's own when the Test was agreed upon with the High Council. Or maybe it's from the same batch! The exterior of this Tardis is VERY different though. Enough said.

red tardis from above

And finally the third Tardis is somewhat harder to find for the characters in our tale. It appears late on - the Doctor practically stumbles into it. It again has a similar console but one with some heavy modifications by the daleks we assume. Again it has a surprising exterior shell...



We'll have some more photos soon to illustrate this article.