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Some newly discovered (2015) images from Masterplan

Thursday 15th October 2015

This article is duplicated in the Masterplan section by the way. Anyway, just been looking through images to perk up the website and decided to see what was knocking around for October 2007. A lot it seems. Plenty of construction and dress rehearsal images from this excellent production. And so they are presented here...

a bit blurred because of the shock of hearing the gun firing !
preparing to fire?
the Doctor confronts the daleks
guns alight
The Doctor and Mavic Chen
the Guest Panel before the show
boxes of bits ready for transport
we built a new TARDIS roof to accompany the front door panel to go to the theatre although in the end the new roof wasn't used
the new eyestalks for the Masterplan daleks
daleks and their respective operators
the dalek gun