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Masterplan 2nd night !

Friday 26th October 2007

Well we think so. Great reactions from the audience and things are gelling together as planned. A few minor glitches on the opening night yesterday but this correspondant (Ashley) is talking from the dalek perspective. Something which didn't work in rehearsal (i.e. he wasn't confident it would work) was pulled from the first night but worked fine tonight. Only a little thing (ooh err) but nevertheless an interesting moment. One which Ashley spent a couple of hours out the back of the theatre today slaving over a deactivated dalek trying to get right! Just something we had planned for and wasn't ready for opening night and it'll be there for the rest of the shows (we hope). (eek).

Still, next week we'll be able to start filling this site with images from the show, as well as pics of "me with a dalek" as per last year's "Evil", and of course some images of the build throughout the summer. For those of you not able to attend the show we hope to give you as much as we can from this site to give you a flavour of this truly wonderful send off for the daleks on stage. (Yes it's the last one as far as we know - and "truly wonderful" is Ashley's quote on how he has found trhe whole experience so far. Working with such a professional and committed group of crew and actors and set/prop builders (not just the daleks but the very imaginative stage set as well) is a great and unforgettable experience according to him!!!)

More later - must get some sleep!!!