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and so it begins again...

Wednesday 24th October 2007

Dress Rehearsal went well. Daleks need a few tweaks here and there. Nervousness apprehension and excitement are the order of the day - preparedness is the key and so we hope it will be all right on the night! Tonight's picture is a view of some of the cast and crew receiving notes from Dave Tozer regarding the evening's order. Stage to be cleared, preparations to be made and on with the rehearsal.


Rest assured you will see loads of pictures from the show come Sunday or Monday - along with a new site design - so bear with us for the next few days as our efforts are ensuring all goes well - the website will take second place! However Ashley has promised to add at least one picture per night DURING THE RUN, although as usual he won't be giving the dalek colours away!!!!


or will he...??? (image culled from the programme)