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Dalek Masterplan

"Devious" were honoured to assist in the production of the follow-up play based on the William Hartnell story "The Dalek Master Plan". Some of the images and content from 2007 are included on these pages


Welcome to this new sub-section from the Devious website. As you all know we were involved with the recent Evil of the Daleks play down in Portsmouth - Ashley from the team built the Emperor and refurbished five daleks for the play. Now the peeps down in Portsmouth have been allowed to produce one more play. Naturally there are conditions etc regarding rights and allowances as you can imagine, and so they (and us) are going to make sure that everything is played by the board. In that spirit you will not find a dedicated website for the new play as you could for Evil of the Daleks - instead a few sites such as the excellent Dalek Links and (the debateable!) Devious site will be featuring bits of news and stuff over the coming months. So keep watching and you will hopefully get a taster of what it is like behind the scenes of this once-in-a-lifetime production! (OK so it's twice in a lifetime if you count Evil)

The Dalek Masterplan will be in Portsmouth later in the year (October). It is not the function of this part of the site to act as an advert - you will be able to find booking details elsewhere in good time no doubt - instead we hope to feature info on what it is like to put on such a play (we'll have interviews and the like), as well as a retrospective on Evil (we'll have some new unpublished shots from that play).

Roll on Masterplan! "Break a castor!"