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The Real Doctor

Friday 31st July 2009

OK so if Tony Garner is the Interim or 2½th Doctor you'd expect to see pictures of him on this site - but what about the other Doctors? Various members of the Devious Team have had their photos with the real Doctors over the years - with Stephen being the expert! We think he's had his picture taken with the most. Now it's not a competition, and these pictures are just shown here for the fun of it.

Starting from the earliest we must include Jon Pertwee of course...

then there's Tom...(a bit blurry but then who isn't these days) - at the excellent Stamp centre in London Strand June 2007
somewhere we have shots of Peter and Colin so we'll send our archive ferret out for those... so here's Sylvester with Rowlie during the BBC South Today filming in 2004
Despite a jokey conversation at the Zagreus launch event in Essex in 2003, Paul McGann and Ashley seem to have lost all emotion in this shot!

When we find the (colour) higher-resolution versions of the above images we will replace them on this page!

 All we need now is for some of us to go out and stalk Christopher, David and Matt ! Or perhaps just leave well alone.