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november 2002

Friday 15th November 2002

Here's a few pics from our second time using the corridor sets.

This time we concentrated on the roles of Chaldar, Covellitor, Aturo and Auriga - the Doctor's filming in the corridor sets having been completed. We also constructed two small ante-rooms - the first being the embryo room where Aturo meets up with a production-line dalek (i.e. it has no gun, but a claw instead of a plunger) - and the second a storeroom where Covellitor and Chaldar (pictured below) investigate. Covellitor is looking forward at some equipment, whilst Chaldar is behind.


The two of them see their reflections and a conversation ensues on how much older they've become since getting near to the source of the time disturbance. Conveniently.

Here we see the same room under construction with Stephen using a dustbin lid to work out whether to add something to the wall... Once lit and camera angles tidied the fact that this room is brick built wouldn't be a problem - a non-wobbling set!
And once lit and filmed amongst output from a smoke machine, the embryos won't look too bad - they're only on screen for a split second anyway!
(23rd Nov 2002) Here's a few more shots from the November 2002 filming...
(above) Chris (foreground), David, Lynette & Arthur share a joke (doubtless at the expense of the dalek operator!!!)
(above) The embryo room
(above) the view ABOVE the corridor set!! (yes - it IS bubble-wrap)
Two daleks pose menacingly
(above) the corridor set bereft of Skaro-based lifeforms
(above) new operator Christopher Vincent keeps shoulders well in whilst being installed!