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Modelwork filming

Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Well, with the announcement of "The Never Was" you can see we are doing some new filming this year. In addition we may be filming some shots of the daleks with greenscrenn backing in order to composit them into our modelwork.

For our latest test showing in March we did mount a few parts of our modelwork - namely some domes and the observatory models outside in natural light and see how they looked. Suprisingly good we felt, and now the whole Complex is being built. The weapon building which has been started will also be to the same scale although we require a chalk or rocky cliff face (scale model) to film it against. The modelwork is being constructed to be filmed outdoors with natural lighting and some false perspectives to try to get some realism.


Spme more detailing needs to be done on the model above and some realistic foliage will be seen growing over the building, covering nealy half of it.