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Wednesday 24th January 2007

Well, we'd like to!

We've some modelwork to complete and film and if the weather is good we need to mount some closeup scenes with the emperor (which may be easier outdoors due to the height of the prop and we don't need sound) - also we need to do some closeups of Tony as The Doctor which won't need much set maybe just a dalek or two.

Ashley still needs to complete the Emperor housing and the modelwork can be shot.

David has been editing again recently (December 2006) and the idea is to present the whole to the team with a view to the rest of us commenting and making suggestions as to the final edit. This can then be prepared for the musical score, as well as effects which are expected to be complicated!!!

More news as and when on the filming - although we will use this area of the site to showcase some of the other filming blocks we have done over the years...  We have some new outtakes recently discovered in the editing so we may put some on the site soon...