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set report: the sunday before

Monday 23rd October 2006

(written by Ashley)

"Well, just got back at 11.30pm from an afternoon down in Portsmouth. Got there just before Nick Briggs had to go (lunchtime) so managed to grab a few words before it all kicks off. He'd been banking a recording of some of the voices for the play. Anyway despite being rather a fan thing I did ask for a quick signature on one of the daleks (inside!) and also on this display panel I have - but then Nick is a fellow dalek enthusiast."

"And so after watching a bit more rehearsal I popped across to the theatre to see how things were getting on with the set build. Some flats were being painted as I arrived and I ran through a few things with Rob (Thorne). And then - annoyingly in VERY HEAVY RAIN - the dalek fleet were assembled and moved down from the rehearsal space in the 3rd floor via a goods lift and across the road via terrible puddles to the theatre itself! Absolutely mental. Loads of people saw this but despite great interest no-one seemed to take any photos which is just as well as we've been trying to keep the designs and colours secret as you may have gathered! Still if anyone does have any pics then good luck to them - there'll be plenty of images on this site (as well as the Evil site too I suspect) once the play has finished on the 28th. Doubtless I will see if I can add some more stuff to this site from the 29th onwards if I'm allowed!"

"Tomorrow (Monday 23rd) despite being my xth birthday I shall be spending the day there working my way down my list of adjustments for each of the daleks as each is "fettled" to the operator. And the extra stabilising castors will be added to a couple of them for safety purposes."

"So if you don't have a ticket and want to come along - BUY IT NOW! They are going to sell out!"

"Great fun - can't wait to get back down there but I'll only feel a bit more relaxed once the daleks are as I want them - ie as the operators need them..."

More soon...