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Provenance of the Daleks

Thursday 26th October 2006

from the "Evil of the Daleks" Programme...

Nick Scovell joins an impressive list of actors who have played the Doctor alongside the particular set of Daleks you will be witnessing on stage today. Jon Pertwee, Sylvester McCoy, Rowan Atkinson, the Grant brothers (Hugh and Richard E) and of course Tony Garner. Tony who? Well he?s the chap we of the ?Devious Team? used for our amateur movie ? a hobby-time labour of love started in the last century and now almost finished!

I built a couple for that production over a decade ago. Working entirely using my own rather secretive methods and materials (I have refined Dalekanium and Bonded Poly-Carbide from a mixture of fibreglass, MDF, swollen fingers, and sweat!) the army soon multiplied and Devious continued apace with further props and sets built in homage to the tv series. Indeed Jon Pertwee starred in a cameo scene in a replica TARDIS and very flatteringly this set was later borrowed and used by the BBC themselves for their successful Dr Who spoof sketch The Curse of Fatal Death for Comic Relief in 1999 at Pinewood Studios.

Curse also featured three of these daleks in their original Evil of the Daleks colour scheme (Devious being a sequel) despite a request to repaint them to match the BBC props but this was only resisted due to time pressure and their construction at the time. However cunning redesign work by myself, or the Davros of Shoreham-by-Sea as I am sometimes referred to, has meant Ashley has meant that the props used in this show have had a number of modifications as you will see?

This production features two of the Curse props, along with others from the Devious fleet. Like Trigger?s broom, elements from the props that have aged over time or weren?t deemed suitable for stage work have been replaced. I have become immensely popular with my family for the delightful smell of glass resin and the abundance of stray fibres. Weekends have been largely spent working on this project so that all things Dalek are suitably up to scratch. Scratch being the operative word - those fibres get everywhere!

Much preferring this to my day job I am honoured to help in this landmark production of this classic tale and in discussion with Nick and Rob I have striven to ensure that the look of these Daleks suit this production with influences from three directions. Firstly, a homage to the original story. Secondly, a nod to the new series so successfully brought about by BBC Wales. Thirdly, some elements to define them uniquely for this new production. Whether or not the purists among you agree with the changes is a matter best left for you to decide.  What is hoped for however is that these Daleks provide the necessary threat on stage and draw the audience in to this superb adaptation of a true classic?

Ashley Nealfuller, October 2006-10-26

For more information about the creation of these Daleks, and for a full history of the acclaimed Devious project, please check their website at:

Following the final performance there will be a detailed look behind the scenes at the creation of this magnificent set of Daleks.