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Dalekworld at Brighton Modelworld 2015

Thursday 12th February 2015

What's in store this year you ask? Or maybe you didn't. The intention this year is to try to capture the magic and success of lkast year's exhibit, but with a subtle addition. Ashley has been working on this over the past few weeks, hence the lack of updates to the website - any excuse! Actually he has been meeting with fellow Devious-ians and TheNeverWas-ians David and Mark to see the completion of the latter and the resurrection of the former.

Throughout the years of our displays at the Brighton Centre we have tried to show what anyone can do given enough wood, fibreglass, screws and patience. Although Ashley maintains the sets and rebuilds an element each year they were originally created by both him and Stephen of course, with very notable contributions from others in the group such as Chris Kirk, Ian Edmond et al. We think we can recall a sighting of David with a paintbrush too but this has yet to be confirmed.

Two of the daleks are already at the Brighton Centre having been used to advertise the coming show during the intervals during the recent Ice Show...


We are in a slightly different place this year but rest assured you'll find us easily! More pics after the show - however we will be uploading a special video to the site soon. This was shot at last year's show...