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Dalekworld 2016

Tuesday 1st March 2016

Sorry for lack of updates - been trying to get this new version of the site live. 

We certainly enjoyed this year's ModelWorld show at the Brighton Centre - this year we changed the set a bit - instead of one big TARDIS interior with the Police Box attached as an entrance we used the Police Box as a gateway between the console room and the dalek display. This dalek display was basically a plain room but if you blurred your eyes and thought of The Magician's Apprentice you could transport yourself back to the 2015 episoode - especially with our new dalek exhibit - the Red Dalek Supreme!

One of the Black and Silver "Dalek Masterplan" daleks had its middle and dome "retired" (it's in storage now) and a new top and middle section built (largely in MDF). It didn't look as if it would be ready in time and so Ashley took the decision to take the exhibit to the show minus the proper sticks, "ears" and base fairing. The new sections were a once-only exhibit for 2016, as the new wood middles (two were made - the second "new dalek" wasn't ready in time either) are intended as plugs to make the molds for fibreglassing. The base of this dalek was the black and silver "Masterplan" wooden base which will also be destroyed by Ashley once it has been replaced with fibreglass hopefully later this year he tells us.

Despite being a bit of a "hybrid" with the wrong sticks etc we knew at the stand that only the die-hard fans would know the difference and we ran a competition for people to spot all the errors anyway.

We also enjoyed a visit from Shawn Levy and his excellent cosplay friends again this year - and we know that a couple of videos were shot on the day as well as loads of photos. We will put links to their youtubes etc when we get them - in the meantime here are some photos from the show this year!

above: interesting table supports (from top left clockwise...all silver Devious with ex-Masterplan centre slat, gold dalek from Evil of the Daleks, new unused NSD, black and silver ex-Masterplan)
above: a few days before!

We'll sift through some more photos soon...