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Rebirth of the Daleks [updated]

Tuesday 1st September 2009

From out of the ashes - as it were. We were telling you on his site about the fact that two new daleks were being built by friends of Devious Alex and Karl. They had both been given cast-off bits from a couple of the Devious daleks when Ashley was revamping the props. Karl had an old wooden base whilst Alex remarkably said he could refurbish the worst of the old middle sections. We'll be featuring Karl's dalek when we get some images of the final prop, whilst here's the story of Alex's fine grey Genesis dalek.

The middle section given to Alex was the second one built in 1992/3 using aluminium sheeting for the front and the gun box whilst the back was remarkably just cardboard stretched over the wooden frame. This card was then covered in plastic before painting and it was never thought it could survive for long at the time. Indeed we had no idea the props would still be around some 16 years later. We didn't think we'd still be doing this either!

Here's that middle section under construction...

Alex middle in 1992

This dalek saw many years of service although we are not sure if it went to Pinewood. We're not yet sure which one it was in this photo although it looks like the one on the right...

Jon Pertwee Ashley and some daleks

Finally after many years service the old dalek had breathed its last, and so Ashley stored it ready for the bins! Here it is awaiting disposal...

waiting for the binmen

Ashley then broke up the base shown above after stripping off the ball hemispheres and Alex upon hearing of the imminent destruction offered to take the middle away.  Look above and you can see the state of it by then. It had been left outside in the rain and the shoulder band had cracked and split whilst the wood structure was sodden.

Alex collecting the middle

Alex then let it dry out for over a year and kept it by whilst he built his new dalek.  He'll be sending us some more images of this new dalek in the near future but in the meantime here's one that was taken by friend of Devious James in Worthing shopping area at the Worthing Doctor Who Day on the 1st of August 2009... (sorry James we rotated and cropped the image slightly to cut out the human factor leaning on the prop).

Alex IN his new dalek!

And where's the proud owner Alex? Inside of course.

Here's a news item from the Argus...

Here he is on youtube having a look around Worthing Pier...


Phœnix from the flames. Well done Alex.