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Damaged Daleks

Friday 24th July 2009

Apart from the bits of old dalek Ashley chucked out a few parts have made their way to other potential dalek builders. Karl from Patcham and Alex from Worthing both went away with parts and have successfully built new daleks around them - we'll have some pictures of these as soon as possible.

Ashley also built three extra dalek middles from fibreglass for the filming in the main control room. Two of these were used as part of the dalek brain units as part of the central control room set. They were suspended above the set and during the story they are replaced a number of times as the daleks find they are burning through dalek brains in trying to achieve their aims. The third of these "spare" middles was built as a "destroyed dalek" or "damaged dalek" and was to show the result of a ray gun hitting a dalek. In the event it was not used on the main day of filming although was used ina short sequcne filmed by the South Today team in May 2004 - as yet unseen on television!

Here it is...


Ashley recently found two more of these fibreglass middle sections in the back of his garden covered in vines but undamaged!