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colour schemes 2: Evil of the Daleks stage play

Thursday 23rd July 2009

There were three influences on us for the design and colouration of the daleks for the first of the successful plays based on early TV Doctor Who. Firstly we wanted to be similar in design to the new series daleks and hence Ashley built a new design eyestalk dome housing not as a copy of the new series but similar in design. Also we had the enlarged dome lights - the "ears" housing our 12volt bright lights. Secondly we wanted the colour to be mainly silver again to represent the classic series. And thirdly dark green was used instead of the french blue balls to make a statement that these daleks were something new!

Now there were many debates about that dark green at the time and we shall not revisit them here! Once they were all done you got used to them. The same dark green was used for the Emperor Guard Daleks for their domes - to represent an on-stage live colour version of the matt black.

Nick Scovell's play  also demanded we have a third dalek variant for the play - the dalek supreme. A decision was taklen to make this dalek the same as the main silver and blue ones - ie silver and dark green! - except that the silver was replaced by gold. The gold dalek also had variations to it's shoulder section but in essence it was mainly gold. In the end it was a fairly matt gold which did look good when well lit. Ashley had intended originally to go for a very bright gold - like the cookie jars! With the Emperor also in gold and dark green the emperor was to be a bright metallic gold as well but this proved too tricky for some reason at the time.

You can see the construction of the emperor in the sets and props section under the title "the three emperors" here.

Ashley has been speaking with Nick Scovell from the plays and as a result we think it would be good to finally release for the first time some of the original 3D CG images of the daleks as we tried to decide on a colour scheme for the plays.

The 3D work was done by

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Steve Redfearn and we thought his work needs to be seen by a wider audience. The renders are excellent and helped us enormously with our deliberations.

Here's a design for the Emperor Guard with much more green than made the final version...(notice the lack of "D-slat")

the green dalek

And this is how they ended up...