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colour schemes 1: Devious

Thursday 23rd July 2009

The colour scheme used in Devious for the daleks is based on that used for Power and Evil of the Daleks BBC serials from 1966/7. The Evil of the Daleks colour scheme of silver all over with blue balls was the basis for the Devious dalek recreations.

The shoulder section around the gun boxes appeared to be grey rather than silver which we dispensed wioth for ease of any future repainting and simplicity. The blue balls were coloured French Blue (Humbrol no 14 we think!) - this is slightly darker than the originals but looked good to us. The famous photos of the daleks in the corridor with the operators taking a break during Power of the Daleks was our main inspiration.

Evil of the Daleks featured the first appearance of the Emperor Guards (the second being 'The Parting of the Ways') and they were known as the 'black daleks' which is how we have generally referred to ours during the making of Devious. In reality our single black dalek is effectively the leader - the Dalek Supreme - he is variously referred to in Devious as the 'black dalek', the 'black dalek supreme' and 'dalek supreme'. He? We always assume they are male - but are they? - in 'Age of Steel' we meet a female cyberman for example.

Here's some of the props during a break...

dalek props

In the foreground to the left is Chris Quinn's truly excellent dalek which visited the set to add to the numbers, whilst, typically, to the right are two of the lowest quality bases. The nearest one is one of those that was designed to fold up small enough to be packed into an estate car - hence the seam which in this shot had not yet been covered for filming. And you can see a wheel beneath the further one! Still at we show and admit our flaws readily!

In fact here are two halves and a middle of one of those early models (1993) awaiting destruction! The balls were removed and built into the fibreglass replacements built for the Evil of the Daleks play. They had done their time and in retrospect they were easier to store but Ashley said he had to move on! Some of the rejected bases and middles have had a new lease of life. The Devious website will soon be including photos of the two new daleks built by some of our friends locally - one of which is based locally features an old middle section from a Devious dalek and is now complete we hear and in the colour scheme from 'Genesis of the Daleks'. More news as and when!

The blue balls were originally only blue to look good in black and white. On occasions Ashley has had a dalek fully silver in between paint schemes and these daleks have looked great! Still we stuck to the blue from the outset and have used rivers of blue paint.

And the finished effect works well with silvered walls...

the silver and blue

and also en masse...

dalek throng

The Black Dalek is basically the same but with a MATT black dome. We also decided upon orange "ears" instead of our normal white just to be different! The black dalek is also finished in a much brighter reflective siilver instead of the more normal "Hammerite" smooth silver - sprayed on instead of rollered. The neck section did not need the usual material inside the neck rings as there was no operator inside, so black card was installed in this otherwise fully-fibreglass model.

the black dalek

At one stage we did toy with the idea of other different dome colours for production line guard daleks - blue or red - in a homage to the excellent TV Comic Jon Pertwee dalek strips. Although the stips featured fully red daleks in some scenes we did toy with just varying the dome as a sign of rank. It could still happen in the modelwork though seems unlikely.

For 1999's Comic Relief we were asked if we could paint the dalek balls black to in some way match the BBC models although this was presumably to assist in the CSO - hence you won't see the three Devious daleks in the multi-dalek montage at the episode ending. In retrospect we should have done although the request was a little last-minute in the grand scheme of things for this to be done. They would have looked a little like those for 'Death to the Daleks'!!!

Now see what happened to the dalek colours for the 'Evil of the Daleks' play in 2006...