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trapped in a dalek

Friday 21st July 2006

It's the same old story - people forget you're in a dalek and they b*gger off and have a cup of tea. It nearly happened to Ashley. He and Stephen voted on which star Doctor they'd want to be in the scene with. Stephen chose Hugh Grant, whilst Ashley plumped for his brother Richard E.

Scene over (with Mr E delivering his lines wonderfully albeit quite quietly) and the guys from LionTV wanted to do his interview. And so Richard E.G. dutifully chatted away about how he didn't know what Doctor Who was, and all that stuff whilst a couple of feet away just out of shot Ashley was treated to the whole interview as there was no time to get him out. So that's a cup of tea he's owed by Richard Esterhuisen chappie.

And when he did get his cup of tea he was walking back to join the others and had to stop dead with it to avoid pouring it all over the front of the other Grant, the famous Mr Hugh.

Here's Ashley in the dalek whilst the previous scene is shot wth R.E.G. and J.P. and J.S. -->