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Radio Times Cover

Tuesday 25th July 2006

As if! Still, in those days it was rare for Dr Who to be on the cover of the Radio Times - especially as the series had not been seen since 1996 (or 1989 depending on your viewpoint). And for the Comic Relief sketch the photos were taken hoping that that would be the case again. As it happens Victoria Wood made the cover and the picture of Rown Atkinson made page 9 or 15 or wherever instead.

Nevertheless it was an experience seeing the shots being set up. The intention was to have the Doctor as played by Rowan in the foreground with a dalek behind him shrouded in mist. And that turned out to be a Devious dalek rather than a BBC one as seemed to be used a lot for the publicity (they were also used in the documentary for a comic sketch and also in other publicity shots used by magazines).

And Ashley found himself being used by the official photographer as a stand in to get the shot right before Rowan could be found - they didn't want to take much of his time up obviously as they were filming and so it was easy to use someone like Ashley.

And so there you are - the image below is a copy of one of the original polaroid sample shots Ashley was given once the shot had been lined up! One for the scrap book definitely. When we find a proper colour version of this picture again we will show it here - Ashley seems to have filed it away somewhere...