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mr wobbly

Friday 4th August 2006

The console decided to give us a demonstration of a stage wobble. As soon as the cameras rolled it decided to wobble. Typical! It had not done this before and it decided to play up right when we didn't need it to.


So we've got our own back now. Put the flaming thing in a big big bag and stored it round the back of a shed. That'll teach it.

And it hasn't wobbled since. Or moved.

Well that's not true - we have used it since and it hasn't wobbled. And back in '99 or whenever it was it just had a bad day - the windings on the transformer coil weren't quite right and so the engine struggled with the feed it was getting - we couldn't adjust it the right way in enough time once we realised what was happening - and so for the scenes with Rowan and Jonathan using the console once the rotor switch was pushed (it being fully wired into the console to work on one of the switches) we had to ensure it didn't slip.

The supposed wobble was caused in effect by the console moving too quickly which it had to do to counteract the feed problem which wasn't what we had wanted and wasn't what it did when it was demonstrated and accepted. During the filmed scenes with The Master the scene actually insluded Stephen who was lying on the floor out of view with his hand next to the weighted-flywheel in the base hoping to keep it spinning should it actually stop which we were now worried could happen.

So when we later read that the wobble was deliberate (Mr Haining it may have been who suggested that) (sorry if it wasn't) we think that if it was the case it was the console's own decision - not ours!