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guest stars

Friday 21st July 2006

Great to see Mr Atkinson on set. The erstwhile Mr Bean standing around between takes on our set playing with the knobs. Ooh err sounds a bit rude. Seriously though it was great to see a master at work. And serious he was too! Only Ashley managed to get a few words with him as he's notoriously a reserved person. That's Rowan we're talking of here not Ashley - he's far from that.

And we also saw a Master At Work too. Mr Pryce was fantastic. Stephen caught a few words at one point, and also whilst he manoeuvred Ashley into shot with him for a picture for a Sci-Fi magazine (SFX we think). Luckily Ashley was in a dalek else they wouln't have bothered to print the picture.

Also on set we had Julia Sawalha who was lovely. What more can we say? So here's a picture of her and someone from the Devious team...(but who?)
Also there was her companion from Absolutely Fabulous Joanna Lumley who we didn't get to speak to. There was even a closed set for her recorded scenes with Jonathon Pryce which we thought was odd.

And on hand also was the great actor Richard E Grant. Sadly we don't have a snapsot of him with anyone from Devious but then he was only there a short time and a bit cloistered and intense. Still we had great admiration for him and so Ashley decided he would be in the silver dalek for the scene he was in whilst Stephen elected to be in the scene with Hugh Grant. Unfortunately the silver dalek was back down the corridor now so Stephen made less of an appearance. Chris in the black dalek was also in the scene with Hugh Grant. And speaking of Hugh Grant - what a lovely fellow. Not overtly tall but quite handsome. Damn - if only we looked like that (and could act) then maybe we wouldn't be here typing this.

Here's Chris and Hugh sharing a fag break. (They had a fag each by the way)