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adapting the sets

Friday 21st July 2006

The TARDIS walls and console needed a wee bit of work...


Having rebuilt our set for the Jon Pertwee filming a few years before we thought we'd seen the last of all that screwing (screwing 1 and a half inch screws in the frame) and banging (banging nails to hold the roundel-formers in place whilst the glue dried) and swearing (when banging fingers instead of nails). We were wrong - it turned out that a better set could be constructed if we just had two more panels. So we merrily built two more panels and four columns with the same cobination of hardboard woodglue paint and timber. Only this time the two new walls were see-through - the solid acks to the walls were not added and of course they had to be but out from the other five walls which was a little annoying but did lead to us having about 75 wooden discs to use elsewhere. Which we didn't.