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On TV - Devious v McCoy v Eccleston

Thursday 15th October 2015
David offers advice as Sylvester gets to grip with the dalek gun whilst Ian is controlling the dalek.

This is also noted in the news section for 2005 - however for completeness we are including this little bit here! In 2005 in time to coincide with the Ninth Doctor episode "Dalek" our local TV station decided to feature Devious in a short segment. Some of the people at BBC South had hoped to put together a longer piece about Devious - or something featuring fan films we think (we're not sure what they were planning and heard many rumours). To that effect they sent down a film unit with an interviewer of none other than Sylvester McCoy.

They filmed Sylvester as he looked around the Devious film set on 9th May 2004. He interviewed the three of us in the team Stephen, Ashley and David each for a few minutes before a short scene was constructed with him gingerly entering the control room only to be confronted by nine advancing daleks! He was armed (unusually for the Doctor) with the dalek handgun used in Devious and he fired defensively damaging one of the daleks. For that shot David was later asked to cgi the ray effect and explosion. We used our "damaged dalek Simon" middle section for the resultant effect. 

Sylvester was also shown the radio controlled black dalek and moved it around the set successfully. We are thinking of adding his name to the credits as dalek operator....

It was great to meet him, and there were a few photos taken of him with various members of the cast and crew there that day. 

We heard nothing afterwards for ages until we were contacted again regarding a new piece to air in time for the new series dalek debut. The BBC crew came down again and interviewed Ashley and David - Ashley in his new house's shed, and David at his office in Portslade. Stephen was sadly unavailable for this new filming. A new piece was then shown which included some of the filming back in May 2004 showing David directing scenes along with some extracts from the film and pieces showing Ashley in his shed at his old house back in 2004.

We include that piece below, along with some photos from the Sylvester visit for your delectation...

Ian, Bill Baggs and Sylvester
Ashley and Sylvester chatting
Sylvester with Stephen
David and Ashley inspect the damage done by Sylvester