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South Today - Doctor Who in the South

Thursday 15th October 2015
Sylvester at Arundel Castle

We were contacted again by BBC South regarding borrowing some of our props and sets again in 2004. This was for a series of features - one per night over a week of the magazine show South Today at 6.30pm. BBC South covers an area bordering Brighton/Worthing in the east across to Weymouth and Dorset in the west and Oxford in the north.

Guest presenter of each segment was Sylvester McCoy who had interviewed us previously on the Devious set a few weeks earlier. This was for as yet unused piece featuring Devious (in fact a shorter piece was edited together with new interviews a year later).

On one segment Sylvester interviewed a lady who had involvement in Terror of the Zygons (we think), as well as Gary Downie at Arundel Castle. He also spent some time at IBM Portsmouth speaking to people about the filming for Revelation of the Daleks - the Colin Baker Story. For these segments the Devious TARDIS was used, whilst the Portsmouth piece also required a dalek. Sylvester also interviewed Rowlie Darby at Patcham School with one of the daleks that was stationed there at the time (for educational purposes).

Here's a few photos taken at the shoot by Stephen Cranford as well as a screen grab of Rowlie Darby at Patcham and some from the studio set where the console was set up for the week....

IBM Portsmouth
at Arundel
the Devious Box deep in the woods of Sussex at a Zygons location (we think!)
Sylvester and the Devious set
discovering the Tardis !
arriving in the studio
and inside...
the dalek in action

We were honoured to be featured in this way and many thanks are due to everyone who made all this possible.