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Newly discovered archive photos from Newcastle 2001

Wednesday 14th October 2015
a cyberman with the Devious TARDIS

Just been reoganising the website ready for the 'phone friendly version and have been looking arounf the Devious photo archive and have found some photos from our convention appearance in Newcastle in 2001. This was for the Dimensions In Tyne inaugural event. A great event. One where we took the remote control dalek and the TARDIS. Also where we were sounded out re using the Pertwee audio footage for Big Finish. One where we filmed a cemeo scene!

The Weakest Link with Gary Downie, Anneke Wills, JNT, Nicholas Courtney and Sarah Sutton. The Devious RC dalek attends
Ashley with the radio controlled dalek
our dalek along with Andy Shaw's Genesis version enter the room