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Dome Theatre March 2009

Wednesday 14th October 2015

And in one of our strangest enquiries, we were contacted with a request for a dalek to appear on stage in Brighton for a schools event. Actually one of our daleks later appeared on a Brighton stage at another event around this time, but we have no images from the event. It was a play and the dalek appeared in one scene. Like all our appearances the dalek was lent out for free - with one of our team in attendance. 

Anyway, back to the schools event. It was a huge dance number with the dalek as the centrepiece. It had to move forward on stage as the youngsters danced around it, all magnificently attired in sci-fi costume. There was a rehearsal, and then the performance came at a packed Dome Theatre. Schools from all around the Brighton area, along with their parents and friends all attended with a few thousand in the audience. No pressure then! The dalek dance section was just one dance from a whole evening, but required good planning from the school. Ashley was happy to help outand was in the dalek during the performance.

We used one of the Devious daleks that had been in Comic Relief, and was then in the black and silver "Masterplan" colour scheme, along with a working neon gun stick.

As you can see from the picture above it all looked rather good, and the well chorographed dance made a terrific impact. 

We have blurred the kids faces as you can understand.