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Dimensions On Tyne

Saturday 17th November 2001

Convention: Dimensions On Tyne---

Just while I have a quick moment I'd like to insert a few words of thanks for David Price who organised the Dimensions On Tyne Convention - a successful convention indeed for all concerned. Certainly we enjoyed ourselves and were made to feel welcome.

We were flattered by the attention we received, and relieved our 'slot' went well. The fans seemed to enjoy our footage - the documentary, the extracts and the "Pertwee Scene" itself drew a good reaction, judging by the numbers of fans who spoke to us afterwards as well as the immediate reaction to the panel. The remote controlled dalek didn't misbehave too badly (although at the Saturday night disco it's dancing style was rather interesting!).

We made some new friends and contacts, and ensured that when Devious is completed it will be a much richer and more interesting piece of work than we had intended originally - certainly you'll be hearing more of Devious in the future! From the number of people who said we must now complete this epic we are now ready to rise to that challenge!


David signing an autograph - but to whom...? maybe he is practicing
David introducing the Devious segment shown at the convention
our radio-controlled dalek (in all silver guise) with cyber-friends