Ashley (with 'Devious' David behind) explains the finer points of something or other... Full details of the build of the new daleks, including the Emperor, as well as some information on the set. Sorry we had to hide pictures of these over the summer but a decision had been made to keep "the look" of the daleks a secret. Just part of the fun - nothing sinister! It all added to the suspense.

from the "Evil of the Daleks" Programme...

Nick Scovell joins an impressive list of actors who have played the Doctor alongside the particular set of Daleks you will be witnessing on stage today. Jon Pertwee, Sylvester McCoy, Rowan Atkinson, the Grant brothers (Hugh and Richard E) and of course Tony Garner. Tony who? Well he?s the chap we of the ?Devious Team? used for our amateur movie ? a hobby-time labour of love started in the last century and now almost finished!

rehearsals dalek colour = shirt colour?Well, some daleks were tried out at rehearsals last Friday (15th) and the session went reasonably well (from the point of view of the dalek build, that is)! The only hiccough was when it became clear that the plunger and gunstick needed a more solid fixing than had been fitted. Devious daleks only had to be operational for a few minutes at a time and so any imperfections were "lived with".

One of the new daleks for the Evil play is, well, new. It was the original intention to refurbish the existing stock although examination of one of the original Devious props (the second one, used initially at Sullington for the scene in which Bradley the Doctor and Phillip first meet the daleks) meant it needed a lot of work.

Finally we can show you some new images from the prop builds for the play at Portsmouth. Here's the inside of the mould before casting preparation (polishing and release agent etc)...

inside the mould

...and here's the thing from the outside after having shed its contents...

mould exploded

It's all very well people saying you can keep up with the prop-build progress on the Devious website. Only we can't actually show you anything yet! It's all a bit "hush hush". Perhaps there's a mould we could show you but that'd be quite dull. However if nothing is seen soon we'll have to show that picture!

Needless to say Ashley has been scurrying around building things and there's a little less wood and metal and stuff out there in the world now as he's used a good percentage of it so far on things.

Evil of the Daleks - news and info about the forthcoming production will be available here in due course! firstly here's the initial news item from the Devious site


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