Of course you've all seen this now via the official evil of the daleks website, but for fun we've embedded the youtube version of their second trailer here for you to peruse...

This Friday in their secret Portsmouth rehearsal space the cast will see the first demonstration of some of the new daleks for the production in action. {Some daleks were collected from Ashley's last week.} Ashley is popping down to liaise with the operators and see how they get on with the beasts.  Any suggestions to make life easier for the operators will be noted and modifications can be made if required. Further daleks to the ones down at Portsmouth already are being prepared at the moment.

Hi there peeps - well, progress has been delayed a tad by a holiday and we promise to show some pictures soon of the work so far. However much of it has been boring behind-the-scenes construction. When the dalek conversions get fully underway we can show some shots. Sorry about that but its a necessary thing!

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Yes as you may have seen the daleks used in the Evil play will be partial rebuilds. The original Devious ones are being adapted so radically that they are needing new bases! The logic is simply that fibreglass ones will be lighter and more easily manoeuvred than before. Ashley started on the new mold yesterday and to be honest has wanted to do this many years ago, only we just made do with the wooden bases before as they looked fine and did the job. This new role for the daleks has given Ashley the excuse to improve upon the props and the work has been progressing very well indeed.

the evil earA bit more set work has been done whilst Ashley toys with the idea of getting loads more wood delivered ready for Easter...

And the Evil of the Daleks website now features their TRAILER...! well worth a view(alsoa copy of it can be downloaded from here).

Well we did say we'd keep you posted re the Evil of the Daleks preparations. This will be a regular feature - every blue moon, honest.

a word from Martin Johnson - Composer:
'Evil of the Daleks - The Stage Play'

Hi all,

Well what can I say!

musical maestro

(written by Ashley)

"Well, just got back at 11.30pm from an afternoon down in Portsmouth. Got there just before Nick Briggs had to go (lunchtime) so managed to grab a few words before it all kicks off. He'd been banking a recording of some of the voices for the play. Anyway despite being rather a fan thing I did ask for a quick signature on one of the daleks (inside!) and also on this display panel I have - but then Nick is a fellow dalek enthusiast."

Nick Scovell as The Doctor during rehearsals for 'Evil'We've been keeping this quiet whilst Nick (Scovell) arranged all the necessary permissions, and now we can announce that there is going to be a follow up to the highly successful and critically acclaimed stage play 'Evil of the Daleks'. It will be during October 2007 again in Portsmouth.


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