And boy did that have to be strong! And of course once the 12 panels were put together it was ever so strong. No further strengtheners were ever added. Once it was screwed down at the theatre it would not have shifted despite whatever Dave Tozer and his bag of explosives could do!

As you can see above, the new head was built using a strip of hardboard bent round ywo discs of plywood. These had holes in of course, and after all was set the head had slots added to allow the internal light to shine through the vanes.

...was a challenge! Devious already had an emperor dalek but not the full height. Due to our filming location we couldn't fit in the full height. And besides the Devious emperor was made with hardboard as the panels which Ashley felt would be too flimsy for the explosions. And so the straps and balls etc were stripped from the shell and loads of wood was thrown away.

Here are the pictures we took at your request so you could be seen on the site! Hope you find the one you want!

After the last performance we managed to stage this wonderful picture! Thanks to Mike from the theatre for his steady hand - and the tripod helped too!

And we were... (and still are)...

dress rehearsal shot - supreme dalek, emperor guard and silver dalek variants - with emperor behind - more pics soon!

Amazing. At last we've made it to the first night without it all going pear-shaped. Even the daleks are still with us. At one stage with all the modifications I was making to them I thought they'd all trounce off back to Skaro. One sight of a screwdriver and they'd up skirts and run.

Dress Rehearsal last night! Excellent. Brilliant. Had a tear or two in the eye when the daleks first came on. Don't mind admitting that. Hopefully you will too when you see it!

More words than this I cannot add at the moment I am so tired after getting home at midnight all this week! And even on the last night I'll be coming home on the last Brighton train (10.19 depart) and trudging home - but I suspect less of a trudge more of a triumphant march...

is now progressing on the last daleks ready for transportation down to Portsmouth for the play. Oh yes, and desperately checking with Nick that there's still a seat available to see the epic - although Ashley will doubtless be too nervous to watch! Already he's panicking about a dalek falling off the stage or some such accident making the national press. So don't be surprised if you see guard rails, dalek zimmer frames and loads of warning notices and reversing bleeping throughout the show. Well you know how safety conscious the world is now! - and rightfully so...

...last night (29 Sep). Ashley popped down to Portsmouth - on a train - with one third of a dalek no less - and watched a great rehearsal from the Evil Team. It's really coming together well now and the daleks were also properly voiced this time along with clips from the specially-written backing music so the whole thing looked great. We felt we were in that Victorian House already!


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