Blimey it's tiring! We've been running the stand for 2 days now with just tomorrow to go. All those people who wanted to know about the schools project - the site is - linkable here!

Come along we'd love to see you! We've got eight daleks at the stand plus models, school project makes and some special guests popping along on occasions!

We'll have loads of photos from the show on this site (and the site) later in the week for those of you who couldn't make it!

It's all started at last! A week or two ago Ashley popped down and met everyone for the first read-through of Dalek Masterplan. This actually took place on the stage of the Theatre Royal Portsmouth and was great fun. A few photos were taken and here's a couple for you to take a gander at. The eagle eyed amongst you will spot the Doctor Nick Scovell and near him were seated Rob and the dalekmeister�Nick Briggs.

Hi there - just a quick note to say that Ashley's been trying to reorganise the site a bit to make things easier. So if things disappear, look strange or have just plain gone mad, then he's doing his job well. Beats building sets - NOT...So you may still see previous incarnations of the site now and again as you move your way around - the 'contact us' form for example has yet to be converted into the new format. Please bear with us over the next week or so!!

Interesting this spoiler alert business... We were worried about saying about our plot similarities to the new Dr Who series and talking about the Emperor being in it etc. Well we're only making these comments based on what we've seen on television and read in comments by RTD in DWM - so in effect we know nothing! Zilch. The end result of all this is that in the excitement about the new series finale we've let slip some of our ending too!!!

the TARDIS gets a checkover from the Doctor after a dodgy landingHi there - sorry we haven't got further with images from our appearance on South Today - or even any video footage. We've made our own mpg file of the interview but we can't put it on this site until we get permission from the BBC and we haven't asked yet so bear with us! Anyway, watch out for the Devious TARDIS as it's soon to appear on the telly nationwide !!!

Hi there - we're getting unconfirmed hazy sketchy rumours of an appearance by some elements from Devious in a forthcoming edition of BBC South's South Today - more news as and when. You may recall some of our props appeared last summer in a Doctor Who in the South set of features...When we know some more we'll let you know.

Now that Christopher Eccleston has joined and will soon be leaving the rank of 'current Dr Who' we'd just like to confirm rumours that Tony Garner, our 'interim Dr Who' has in fact not been asked to feature in the new series as the Tenth Doctor. If he had an agent he would have also confirmed this. This totally expected announcement comes as the world of Dr Who fandom is in turmoil over who should accept the role and become the next tennant of this coveted part.


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