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news and news archive from the production


Brighton Show Dalek - not this year!

Anyone expecting to see the remote-control dalek at this years Brighton Modelworld will have a long wait I'm afraid. Due to Ian Watts not attending this year the dalek won't be able to terrorise people throughout the various halls at the Brighton Centre next week. If you go to Ian's Big Brother Robot Wars website (see our links page) you'll see where he's off to next. rumour has it the dalek will be in the Yeovil area this summer (filming permitting).


no news is good news

- or so they say ! Well, hopefully that's the case. As you may know I'm a bit superstitious and so I don't want to report on things until they've happened, so I suppose I can say with confidence that a lot of the corridor sets have been completed. The unique design is hopefully a lights and mirrors job, so the construction methods should be reasonably confusing. The trick, as with all sets, is the lighting. We hope to get an atmospheric quality about these scenes, and we think it may be possible.


new website launch

Today sees the launch of the new Devious website - it will be linked to in due course...

At present there's only half the intended content - at least we'll be able to add stuff as we go on to keep you all interested while we gamely try to get this blinkin' epic finished! For example there'll be a 'faq' section and more news items will be added retrospectively to reflect our history...


Radio-powered Dalek at Brighton Modelworld 2002

The weekend of the 15th-17th of February 2002 saw the radio-controlled dalek make an appearance at the acclaimed ModelWorld show at the Brighton Centre. Moving amongst the crowds it caused quite a stir over the three day event...


Radio control work has been achieved by Ian Watts from the successful Robot Wars Team "Big Brother", (with some help from Ashley from Devious Team!) - this weekend it has been using a new motor controller wigh a better turn of speed and better control!


Daleks Millaising around

The Millais Gallery's exhibition by Roy Brown is now in full swing and there's now a web page giving more details and some interesting photos (if you like daleks, that is!). Click here for details. Here's one photo from the page (used without permission, so please someone exterminate me if I am not entitled to do so!). Now, isn't that Chico at the end of the row on the left?????


news archive

Our archive goes back to 1999, although we are preparing some features on specific events in our long history which may be of interest! The good thing is that we're committed to getting it finished, and will report on these pages as we go...

Of course a lot of our major filming was done before 1999 - the Pertwee scene was 1995. Somewhere we have an archived copy of our old Geocities site and possibly its successor too - so there's a liklihood we may be able to recreate some older news items to complete the archive properly.

Brighton Modelworld 2011

Well, we're invited again next year to display our sets and props at the famous Brighton ModelWorld show. As before as an exhibitor our stand will be a celebration of daleks although with a different emphasis! Last year we displayed 6 from Devious as well as a couple more from friends of ours.



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