Congratulations on an excellent end episode of thenew series of Dr Who and a fine example of the actors' skill in all the cast not just Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper! Fine modelwork too from Mike Tucker and a great new realisation of the Emperor Dalek. The Bad Wolf element was also well done. We're also so glad that the resemblance between Devious and series one of the Doctor Who revival was in the end superficial and satisfyingly coincidental.

As guessed last week by Ashley* we seem to have the new Doctor meeting the Emperor Dalek (we think) next week in Dr Who [the new series] after a battle with loads of daleks. He's had a series of adventures where he's not been really sure what's being going on due to a time war - it only comes together at the end. And he's in danger of losing that new body...We all know who comes next...

and meanwhile in the strange strange land of Devious which we occasionally visit over a period of years and years with no money but loads of enthusiasm...

Well, the Devious Police Box was featured in the 20th Century Antiques programme on Sunday last and looked good we thought. It was shown twice - once to introduce a prolificDr Who collector and his great collection, and then to close the show with Alan stepping into the box after saying goodbye. Thanks again to the Beeb for looking after it when it was away down in Cornwall - it's now back in storage awaiting it's next day out...!

Apparently the Devious prop TARDIS will be on BBC ONE this coming Sunday 5th JUNEon the Alan Titchmarsh 20th Century Antiques show at 6.45. We thought it was on a Thursday but it seems like many things it has had its slot moved - ooh err - and so now you can catch our handiwork in a supporting role on that date!


Black Dalek in control room

Stephen learns about his fee

David directing atop a ladder - as you do

Well, the BBC came along yesterday and re-interviewed David and Ashley for a segment to appear on BBC ONE's South Today programme this coming week (hopefully - election and disasters permitting presumably). This is all to do with the upcoming DALEK episode in the Doctor Who tv series on Saturday night.

I've just got back from appearing on the local radio this morning (Ashley speaking here). Along with Stephen Cranford I've just done two short interviews for BBC Southern Counties Radio regarding Doctor Who- our effort Devious, and some thoughts on the new series. Great fun - unlike seasoned broadcaster Stephen I've not done this sort of thing before so it was a little nerve-racking aforehand but then when "on air" (as these people call it!) it was fine!

Yes, it's true - we've finished all the live action required filming! Meaning we've some modelwork to film and we may repeat a couple of scenes with better locations in the summer if we feel like it. But will we? The edit will tell us. The main thing is we need to sit back and celebrate just for once. Break out the champers! Well, to be honest the moment passed rather strangely - certainly for Ashley who was very ill with flu during the shoot and only came along because it was the last filming - otherwise he'd have stayed in bed.

Just got this shot through from Neil Jones - brother of Mark - taken at the recent premiere of Griffin. A great piece of work, very animated and a great character. Let's hope for the best for this creation and hope we'll see a lot more of him and his creator Mark. Photo shows Mark (right) with Griffin and Ashley...


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