daleks assembling outside the Brighton Centre

Well we think it was. Mind you what were the criteria? Only one - that people who came to the display of dalek props enjoyed what they saw.  Ashley had been offered the stand to display daleks and had called it "Dalekworld". Visitors could see eight on display, all with Devious heritage!

daleks in reflective mood?

Well, this year we have been invited to display some of our daleks at the annual Brighton Modelworld show. We were there  years ago with "Onya" the remote controlled one and it was great fun. After a few years gap we've been asked to bring some along for people to enjoy.

As a modelmaker and set builder Ashley will be there,  and members of the extended Devious Team will be on hand throughout the three days. If you can make it along then please seek us out and say hello - tell us you've seen this news item even!!!

Well, we tried our hand at "looping" last night. A simple scene with some lines said between David's character and Ashley's...

Auriga - he's conscious! He must not know what we are doing! We must render him unconscious now!

Well we do tend to say something like that each new year.  However this year we are more hopeful. Our news item for Dec 14th 2009 has drawn some interest - and we'd still like others to come forward if they (/you!) have anything to offer! We want Devious to look good and for that to happen we need people who are enthusiastic and good at what they can do. People who fancy cgi-ing a spaceship-asteroid-tardis or a flying arrow for example.

Now here's something we have been thinking about for a while. It's a sensible way forward for the Devious Project we hope you'll agree.

We have finally got a finished edit we showed to a bunch of friends and they loved it and now we are gearing up for the next stage - post production.  If you want to be involved in doing some effects let us know!

We will be dividing up the edit early in the new year and then would look at farming out some effects to people who are interested in helping.

Well we have made some progress on things but not as much as we would have liked.... It's all down to us having normal lives you see. Ashley is expecting to change jobs soon - with no idea what he'll be doing (!) whilst David is busy with his company and Stephen is eternally busy with his work. When this period of uncertainty has lifted doubtless our spirits will be flying again!

Now we know little of these sorts of thing as you all know, as indeed we know little about anything. We find that approach works best. Anyway, Ashley has seen fit to create a group on for the sheer hell of it. Not sure what will happen as a result really but here goes. It seems to work for other groups out there and it can't do any harm.

We've got the first photo of Alex's new dalek from the 1st of August Worthing Doctor Who event. It has a Devious connection which we thought would be of interest!

Go to the new dalek section in the website to the section entitled Rebirth of the Daleks for more details.

Arthur has just sent us another new image here in the images section - see The Doctor and his Twig

We thought as we have so many images of our fleet of daleks they really ought to have their own section on the website. That's not to denigrate any of the other props and sets we've used over the years of course - it's just that they tend to get most attention! In fact we'll put up a section soon called TARDIS as we do have quite a few things we can share on our Tardis props too.


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