It's the same old story - people forget you're in a dalek and they b*gger off and have a cup of tea. It nearly happened to Ashley. He and Stephen voted on which star Doctor they'd want to be in the scene with. Stephen chose Hugh Grant, whilst Ashley plumped for his brother Richard E.

Yes you heard it. One of our daleks developed a squeak. Didn't do it before and hasn't since, but at Pinewood it squeaked. It could have been David though who was chosen to operate it. He hasn't the same arthritic joints of Ashley but perhaps inherited them for the day. Not normally a problem but the sound guys picked it up!

Mr Squeaky - and David

Blimey - here we were. In a dirty great studio. And we knew - no-one. Hmm now what? Actually it was far from that - we were made very welcome and we managed to chat to people and see how things got done. As long as we kept back and didn't get in the way we were all right. The best bit was being consulted to ensure our TARDIS set was as we wanted it. Stephen and Ashley constructed it on the build day and at any time one of our three (David also came up) were on hand to make sure things were okay.

How would our sets and props get to Pinewood. We needn't have worried - a lorry the size of a small town turned up outside Ashley's and stopped the traffic as far back as Kent.

loading sets


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