The Doctor travels in his trusty Tardis with three companions in this tale; Bradley, Phillip and Amber. Bradley takes the lead in the early part of the story as we see the Doctor struggling with his confused memories. Phillip seems more understanding, and gradually we see why the third companion Amber is no longer travelling with them.

The Tardis crew react to the events around them - or do they?

Tony Garner plays the "Two and a halfth Doctor". His resemblance to both Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee is something of a bonus, and certainly one of the reasons the story was written as it was. If you can't see the resemblance then wait until you see the regeneration scenes..!!!

Tony is told of his fee

Tony gets to grips with one of our most expensive props

Hugh Lloyd (MBE) played the part of the Scribe - a Timelord official.

The Scribe is a quiet man, and only speaks when he is spoken to. Wielding the Quill he holds immense power, and in conjunction with the Voix he meets the Doctor at an opportune moment!

The Doctor's assistant Bradley is played by one of the writers; David Clarke. As with Tony Garner he's a keen amateur actor, having been in many local productions in the Hove area over the years. So far the later part of the story has not been filmed, where his character "Bradley" is revealed to be none other then "Auriga", a renegade timelord engineer who has his own designs on the cosmos.

Peter Tuddenham played half of the Timelord double act from episode six - Voix

Voix is the voice - appropriate, since Peter is essentially a voice artist. Heard in many classic BBC Doctor Who stories he is better known for his portrayal of Orac and Zen in Blake's 7.

The part of an itinerant villager seen briefly in the Imberhorne scene is played by Arthur Harrod, another long time Dr Who fan and early leader of the BADWAS (Brighton Area Dr Who Appreciation Society). Like Stephen he was subjected to the indignity of wearing an awful wig for this brief role - hence his nickname "Wiggy" (that scene only).

When not in an (unflattering / fetching - delete as appropriate) wig and tartan playing a Village Leader and warrior, Stephen Cranford plays the Time Lord official 'The Covellitor'

Stephen looking serious as The Covellitor as he and Aturo wait anxiously for the dalek to melt the door down - as they tend to do a lot

Another place name (like Imberhorne, Uist etc) is used for this character. A member of the village resistance in the Imberhorne scene we do not know whether he is a TimeLord playing a role for the Doctor's memory, or merely a fiction?

Phillip and Callisto are played by Anthony Townsend, now of London.

Another experienced amateur actor he joined the team for a short while (that's a few years in our book!) and still keeps in contact with us.

this man is famous - he's been on News At Ten - email us for more information!!!

Ian Edmond has now forgiven us (we think) for his character's name. "Ralib" is an anagram of "Blair" That's where the similarity ends! We first met Ian as a result of him standing at a bus-stop in Brighton wearing a dalek t-shirt (that's Ian, not the bus-stop) and Ashley's usual brand of cheek meant he had to strike up a conversation with this hitherto stranger. Ian now works at DVC run by David from the team, and is in charge of things technical in the world on video-editing on PCs.


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