"Devious" were honoured to assist in the production of the follow-up play based on the William Hartnell story "The Dalek Master Plan". Some of the images and content from 2007 are included on these pages


To coincide with the news about the award nominations, and to start some sort of retrospective on the production here's a few new images for you to peruse...

Nick Scovell and poster

Above is Nick Scovell receiving a signed poster after the final performance. Below David Bickerstaffe looking suitably menacing...

David Bickerstaffe

Thanks again to everyone from Ashley!!!! He was honoured to have worked with such a professional bunch of people. Now recovering his senses and getting some much-needed sleep he will be adding much content to this part of the site in the near future. The "me-with-a-dalek" section will be done first to allow those people who wanted their picture taken and put onto the site to be completed. The we will follow with many features regarding our (Devious) involvement with the play as well as providing a comprehensive record of events albeit from one perspective.

Well we think so. Great reactions from the audience and things are gelling together as planned. A few minor glitches on the opening night yesterday but this correspondant (Ashley) is talking from the dalek perspective. Something which didn't work in rehearsal (i.e. he wasn't confident it would work) was pulled from the first night but worked fine tonight. Only a little thing (ooh err) but nevertheless an interesting moment. One which Ashley spent a couple of hours out the back of the theatre today slaving over a deactivated dalek trying to get right!

Dress Rehearsal went well. Daleks need a few tweaks here and there. Nervousness apprehension and excitement are the order of the day - preparedness is the key and so we hope it will be all right on the night! Tonight's picture is a view of some of the cast and crew receiving notes from Dave Tozer regarding the evening's order. Stage to be cleared, preparations to be made and on with the rehearsal.

... have started and you can read about it in the main news area here...

... for some of the daleks to be down for rehearsals! Time's getting near and I'm afraid this site hasn't shown enough of the build again this year. Well, you know why - we hardly want you to see anything before the big curtain up!

No colour giveaway I'm afraid - or any clues, but we will think of a way of showing something suitably cryptic on this site as soon as we can. And then once rehearsals start we'll be able to give you some insider gossip on how things are coming along.

more soon - yes really!

Well - here's the trailer ...

link to trailer (should open in a new window). Oh yes, and thanks for those who voted in our recent dalek colours poll! We have taken note of your thoughts...(the vote was heavily for adopting a new colour scheme by the way...!)

For the upcoming Masterplan we are currently discussing the colour scheme we are going to use. Out of interest we'd like to know what you think...


Hallo reader. I shall be dropping the odd little article onto the Devious site from time to time to keep anyone who has an interest informed of developments for The Dalek Masterplan. Ashley already covers this side of things very thoroughly, as I am sure you are aware, but we hope my contributions may add a little extra to your loyal enquiries.


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