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Now Who is this????? (Jon Garner???)

Dalek construction - fibreglass !!!

The dalekmeister at work...

and the finished articles...

A miscellaneous montage...

Now all you amateur Dr Who film-makers out there - how many of you spend too long on the opening credits and effects and not enough time afterwards??? We've spend years on the production and one evening on a quick title sequence... (Who said it looked better than the footage?????!!!)

Amber, Phillip and Bradley discuss their course of action whilst overlooking Imberhorne's encampment...

A few images from our time up at the Pinewood filming for the BBC's Curse of Fatal Death

images have now been moved to a new section -see the comic relief section for more ...


Now that you can buy a radio-controlled dalek off ebay this image showing full-sized-radio-controlled "Onya" with an early smaller cousin doesn't seem so innovative!

Aturo: "this door's about to blow"

- the image shows it has already....!!!

Image below shows daleks in storage...


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