We were involved in a small way with the BBC's Comic Relief project back in '99. Blimey - that long ago. Last century. Well actually in Devious years that's not long ago as you may have noticed our lightning speed on things...

Anyway - we were chosen to provide the TARDIS set for the production, and in event also supplied 3 of the 7 daleks used in the production. The filming was at Pinewood, and this new retrospective section of the Devious website is here to tell the tale from our perspective (if ever that last sentence is made into a song then there are some great rhymes).

still a lot more to come in this section but we thought we'd let you all see it in progress - any ideas or questions on what we can add then please let us know via the "say hello" bit!


The TARDIS walls and console needed a wee bit of work...

Stephen and Ashley putting the set up at Pinewood

And now here's part 2 featuring Ashley in the silver dalek alongside Richard E Grant and Chris behind Hugh's portrayal in the black one! Enjoy! - and then make a donation!


Well, seeing that the BBC Doctor Who website is showing the 1999 sketch - with the ability for people to add it to their websites we thought you'd like to tsee the sketch again from here at "Devious". You can relive the over-excited Tardis rotor once more! And ncan you pot Stephen from the team under the console in the overhead shot? - no? that's good because you shouldn't be able to - however he was certainly there as a backup in case the rotor failed!


The console decided to give us a demonstration of a stage wobble. As soon as the cameras rolled it decided to wobble. Typical! It had not done this before and it decided to play up right when we didn't need it to.

So we've got our own back now. Put the flaming thing in a big big bag and stored it round the back of a shed. That'll teach it.

And it hasn't wobbled since. Or moved.

Of course when it was all over the sets and props had to be delivered back to Ashley's propstore. And so after it was all unloaded from the dirty-great-lorry the driver asked Ashley if he wanted to see something rather special. Ooh err. Well, once it was cleared up what the driver meant he said that Ashley ought to take one more look into the depths of the van. And sure enough right at the back was the BBC's original TARDIS prop which had been used in the Comic Relief sketch and was on it's way home.

As if! Still, in those days it was rare for Dr Who to be on the cover of the Radio Times - especially as the series had not been seen since 1996 (or 1989 depending on your viewpoint). And for the Comic Relief sketch the photos were taken hoping that that would be the case again. As it happens Victoria Wood made the cover and the picture of Rown Atkinson made page 9 or 15 or wherever instead.

Great to see Mr Atkinson on set. The erstwhile Mr Bean standing around between takes on our set playing with the knobs. Ooh err sounds a bit rude. Seriously though it was great to see a master at work. And serious he was too! Only Ashley managed to get a few words with him as he's notoriously a reserved person. That's Rowan we're talking of here not Ashley - he's far from that.

Rowan Atkinson on set


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