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Modelwork is progressing!

control room

Well we know you all think we're not doing anything at the moment. Well, we're trying to get some footage together and hope to be test filming next week. Some of Ashley's modelwork is nearly ready for the test shots. The models will be filmed to see how accurate they are in relation to the full sized sets so that they may be intercut when necessary. Various cgi elements will be added to the models just like the full sized footage. We just felt that models had to be added to the mix - we couldn't just rely on the normal footage plus cgi - just like the real series in fact! Anyway we are eagerly awaiting the results of the tests. Of course if we show too many pics on the site you'll all know which is modelwork and which is real - and we're trying to merge the two. Still - here's a few low res images with dummy (incomplete and very old) model daleks in situ.

On the left you can see the emperor and it's surround which is exactly the same as the full sized props although not lit on this occasion. A couple of dozen lightbulbs ordered online from Jersey (of all places) means that this rig can be tested again soon (the original lighting was too bright to look real and so Ashley trawled the net for some more acceptable bulbs). Of course the emperor in these shots does not have the cabling attached as we did with the full-sized one; getting the right sized tubing with the right weight is proving tricky!

control room againHere we have another view (right) albeit very very small as Ashley doesn't want to show the detail just yet we imagine! At least he's taken some photos at last!

And here is a lovely picture of a Doctor Who fan.

a fan

The photo was taken with a measure so that the scale version could be built - and here it is on the set - again a blurred and small image...

the fan

When this particular model is finished we're sure we can persuade Ashley to part with a few images. At least you know we're all still busy!

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