Well - we've been lucky enough to see the script and we're up to number 5 now! That's normal of course - and who knows how many iterations have gone around in Mark's diminutive head. Yes he is a bit shorter than some we know, but ideally suited to playing the part of the Doctor in this forthcoming epic-ette since we've found some wood for him to stand on.

the never was

Hi there! Well, at last we have decided to put some more of Devious online. We're trying to get something significant ready for this the anniversary year of Doctor Who, so we hope you will like this small selection of clips from the story. The clips are missing music, ADR and some more sound work but we hope you will enjoy them.

And of course, with "Devious" being an affectionate homage to all things Doctor Who, you may just see a corridor, a dalek and the ubiquitous quarry! Well, we couldn't resist it. Resistance is useless, as they say...

Well, with the announcement of "The Never Was" you can see we are doing some new filming this year. In addition we may be filming some shots of the daleks with greenscrenn backing in order to composit them into our modelwork.

Hi there viewers. The mystery project has a name now. In fact it's always had it - only now we in Deviousland are allowed by Mark to pass it on!

We're busy preparing some new content for the site to show off this exciting new 2013 project, so bear with us a day or so. In the meantime let us tell you the name is...

"The Never Was"


More soon...

Sorry for the lack of updates but we have been busy. And what's more we have a plan for 2013. And it has a name, although we won't give you it just yet. This new little thing is something we'd like to complete this year and is the brainchild of one Mark Jones of this parish. More later.

Great fun this past 2 days - 1 to go - at our DalekWorld stand. We'll have a large retrospective of the event for you oon these pages soon. In the meantime we have a youtube video loading to


Well, we three (S.A.D.) loved the recent Project Motormouth convention in Slough. Despite the snow.


We have some great shots of the guests (Doctors 5,6,7,8,10) which we will doubtless add to this site at some point. A charity worth supporting.

Brighton ModelWorld 2013

Preparations are continuing for this year's display of sets and props. We hope to be bigger and better than last year - which in itself was twice the size of the year before.

Big Bug


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