A few words as promised a month or two ago from Stephen Cranford regarding the JNT archive. He gives us a footnote to the article in this month's Doctor Who Magazine which talks of how this important collection was saved for future fandom by the efforts of JNT, Gary Downie and then Stephen.Gary, Stephen and JNT

You can read the article here at doctorwho-devious.com/jnt

Merry Christmas to all our readers! (or is it 'browsers'?) Anyway, many felicitous greetings to you at this time of year - whatever your religion. If you don't normally celebrate at this time of year because of your faith then please store this message up until the time that you do. And if you're not religious (like the person typing this) then please have a beer and celebrate something. And if you don't drink, then.... oh my god this is getting complicated. And did I say 'god'? Look, just go and watch Doctor Who or something with Nigella in on the telly... Cheers and see you soon!

Yes we have a (Dalek) Masterplan...

Nick Scovell as The Doctor during rehearsals for 'Evil'

We've been keeping this quiet whilst Nick (Scovell) arranged all the necessary permissions, and now we can announce that there is going to be a follow up to the highly successful and critically acclaimed stage play'Evil of the Daleks'. It will be duringOctober 2007 again in Portsmouth.

Details of the set and prop builds for the recent successful (sell out) Evil of the Daleks play are now being added to the evilofthedaleks part of the Devious web site... See the sets and props section of Evil...

5th scale and full-sized emperors meet...

We have some new Devious news coming soon!!!

Evil show a success, now we're so very, very tired...

dress rehearsal shot - supreme dalek, emperor guard and silver dalek variants - with emperor behind - more pics soon!

Dress Rehearsal last night! Excellent. Brilliant. Had a tear or two in the eye when the daleks first came on. Don't mind admitting that. Hopefully you will too when you see it!

More words than this I cannot add at the moment I am so tired after getting home at midnight all this week! And even on the last night I'll be coming home on the last Brighton train (10.19 depart) and trudging home - but I suspect less of a trudge more of a triumphant march...

Just a quick note to say that one of the Devious daleks is currently on the BBC Dr Who website. Three of the children at Patcham High School in Brighton have just reviewed one of the excellent BBC Audios read byDavid Tennant - The Feast of the Drowned and are pictured in front of one of their school daleks.

Stephen from the Devious Team is going to be putting a few words on this site soon regarding the John Nathan Turner Legacy.

When JNT died Gary Downie preserved his collection of Dr Who material and when Gary in turn died earlier this year the material was left in its entirety to Stephen Cranford.

Stephen has written briefly about this connection and how he arranged for the material to be passed on to the Restoration Team / BBC. There will be afeature soonin a future Doctor Who Monthly and Stephen has submitted a few words to add to this account.

So all you peeps out there are watching the World Cup now instead of Doctor Who. Even you chaps in the USA where winning the world cup is as likely as David Hasselhoff being the next Doctor Who. Having said that his name did crop up in our suggestions people have been giving us for a future Doctor, so it's not as daft as you think! After all he's big in Germany musically... Seriously though - good luck USA! Actually good luck Ghana too (Ashley spent some time there a few years back and loves the place and people). So to be fair - GOOD LUCK EVERYONE. How impartial can you get!

Not a great deal to report - just loads of prop building for the Evil of the Daleks play at the moment - as as you can see from the Evil news item also dated today - there's not a lot we can say at the moment, so please bear with us. To compensatewe'veput up a Comic Relief retrospective for the Devious site - mind you we will add to it as (a) our memory returns, or (b) someone contacts us on "say hello" and suggests something we ought to mention...


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